Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What I did on my day off

Here we are with our " wheels" for the day, at my parents house. MB (my sister) and I have the traditional Japanese photo pose, the two fingered "peace"sign.

Here is our destination

We both had an urge to spend lots of time at the bookstore. As it happened, it was lots of money, too. I love to shop at Bookworld in Beaver Dam, and keep my dollars in the local economy, but once in while, the huge bookstore calls me. The bargain book section kept us busy until lunch time, when Megan arrived.

We had a nice lunch and visit with Megan. She looks good for just rolling out of bed, doesn't she? Megan works 3rd shift. MB and I were entertained by Megan's hilarious stories about her workplace. I wish that I could share some with you,,,,,,,, let's just say some people do funny things when they are desperate.

After lunch, it was back to the bookstore, more shopping. Then Megan left us.

Why is Megan grinning while holding up a bottle of pills? No, they are legal........Megan, like all the females in our family, is plagued with frequent migraines. This is a new prescription that is working well for her. If you have ever suffered with a migraine, you can understand why she is grinning.

Why is MB grinning in this photo? I have no idea, we were just having fun, I guess.

She is checking things off of her list. While in America, she buys things that are not readily available in Japan, and takes them back with her.

Look at all the stuff I bought! Magazines, books for Emili, a booklight, and a "sheep" bookmark! (on the left in the shot) And books for me.

I got some books to give as gifts, they are strategically placed at the bottom of the pile in this photo.

Thanks to Betty for keeping the shop open and running,,,,,,, I almost wrote "keeping the home fire's burning",,, but after yesterdays post,,,,,,,,,,,not a good idea


Lacelibrarian said...

Wow, what shopping BABES!
That book Two Old Women is excellent! You will really enjoy it. I read it for a book discussion and we had the best conversation about that book!
I miss you! Maybe I will see you tonight...

Anonymous said...

glad to see that you picked up some books for Emili!!! Megans got the gold for migraines in her hand!!! Wish i could have gone. Can't wait until "girls night out next weekend".