Tuesday, November 30, 2010

tis the season

Tis the season to be creating!
 Knitting  and crochet are year round sports for me, but at this time of the year the needles must fly!  I make gifts, and I make things to sell at the shop. Some years making the things to sell can be a chore, just another thing to get done. Not this year, I am in the spirit, the mood is here, I want to create. ........Mostly monkeys.......
Yes, I am making monkeys, sock monkeys...Not exactly the traditional sock monkey made from men's hosiery, but mini crocheted monkeys to hang on Christmas tree, inspired by the traditional sock monkey.  So far, I have crocheted 13 little simians.  A whole troop. Did you know that the collective noun for monkey is troop? As in "A troop of monkeys invaded my kitchen and ate all my bananas!"
Speaking of bananas, my friend Linda P. found the cutest miniature banana pattern to go with the monkeys.   I haven't actually knitted a banana yet, but tis the season!.....hmmm, I think I'm channelling Jimmy Durante......yes, we have no bananas!
Too silly, time for bed! Goodnight.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

no turkey

I've roasted many turkeys over the years.  Brined, basted, trussed, stuffed. This is the first time I have made a Thanksgiving dinner, at my house. Turkey and all the rest,,, It went well.

 Except that I was too busy putting food on the table to take any photos. I did get a snapshot of the CANNED cranberries on the pink dish.
And a photo of my kid's favorite, pickles and olives.

Here is my grandson Gael sitting with Lisa. Lisa is new to our family.
Dave put up the first Christmas tree today....outside our front window. It's starting to look festive around here.
Lisa's kids, Liam and Rion

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hey you two!

This blog has TWO faithful readers. This post is for them, and if anyone else actually reads this post, count me as shocked.

I have the house to myself today. Dave continues his hunt for the elusive deer.  The weather in the northwoods has been icky and they have not even seen a deer...maybe he will come home tonight, but today the house is empty.  And quiet, except for the noise of my choosing.  I choose the radio station, on loud.  Christmas music, on loud.  Living with a hearing deficit, I tend to have the volumes at levels that can be a bit irritating to those in the house that have normal hearing.

Radio on, knitting on the couch.  I made yet another sock monkey ornament (#11) and a headband. Before the knitting I decided it was  about time I cleaned up my "nest". My spot on the couch becomes very nest-like after a few days of projects....here is a photo of the nest-cleaning in progress.
I have no idea how all that stuff got into the living room in just a little while, I blame the cats. They must be working on Christmas projects, I guess.

I received a gift this week. My Aunt Jean has given up housekeeping and gave me this lovely dresser set.
This set belonged to her mother (my Grandma), an engagement gift from her husband. My Dad was born in 1925, so this set dates from the early 1920's.

It might be Bakelite, do either of my two readers know how to identify bakelite? Ann?  Flouride? Anyone?