Friday, April 18, 2008

Want to read ?

My life would be far less if I did not read. Far less everything..... Life would be small. Without reading, I would be confined and restricted....and limited. Books give me room. Room to dream, imagine, explore.

Tonight I finished "The Tenderness of Wolves", By Steph Penney.

I love historical fiction, this book combines historical fiction and murder mystery, a great read!

Want to borrow it?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Yesterday was another crazy, busy day for was also just a little taste of spring.... temps in the high 40's and SUNNY! Many mundane tasks were accomplished,,, and I did a few fun things, too.
Many months ago, I purchased a sewing pattern for a top....this top has a lot of pieced sections, suitable for embellishment...I have been gathering castoff clothing to cut apart and use for this pattern... Yesterday I overdyed them all in the same dyebath,,the upper left corner of the photo shows them before dying, and the right corner is after dyeing. (The picture in the middle is a closeup of our creek) Emili snapped that shot.
I also "surveyed the kingdom"....every growing thing is LATE this year, but I suspect the warm temps predicted for the rest of this week will help.
A spider was sunbathing on the back garage door.
And a 7 year old with a stick was splashing about in the creek.

Monday, April 14, 2008


My Dad has connections...... He is one of those people that you go to when you need something....he always knows someone who has what you need, or knows someone who knows someone who knows someone else,,,, you get picture.....

My friend Betty is another one of those people... just ask her for something ( almost anything) and she can hook you up......I just say " Betty, I need a purple can opener." The next day she will have it for me. Or know where I can get one.

I guess it's called "networking" in 2008....

My niece wants a puppy. So my Dad called his friend who knows someone with Cairn Terrier pups.....So we all went to look at the pups yesterday. But before we looked at the pups we made another stop where my Dad needed to deliver another dog.... this place was teeming with chickens! They were Lynda, here are some pictures for you!

Yes, I know that one is a duck! And horses...and donkeys...

It was a lovely day, but Nanna is still jet lagged, I guess... She fell asleep on the short trip between stops.

Here are the pups!

Two litters, born two weeks apart. Very cute and playful. 14 in all, only one female... Nanna choose that one.... Not ready to leave Mom yet.

A nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon...

Friday, April 11, 2008

A wild week

It's been a wild week, and today is only Friday! What is yet to come?

Ghen has moved out, but Emili has moved in. ( Just for two weeks while her Mom is on vacation.)

I have been notified that Loose Ends Yarn Shop must move to a new location! ( I am actively looking for a new space, let me know if you have any leads for me)

Last night, I took my adult daughter, Megan, to the ER for a shoulder injury. I drove in the middle of a violent wind and rain storm, after knit night. ( Megan will be okay, but how she could injure her shoulder just getting dressed is beyond me!)

Some nice things have happened this week, too.

We got our tax refund, to spur the economy we intend to purchase a new toilet AND burial plots! How is that for exciting news!

My sister and family have officially moved to the United States, hurray!!

And My wonderful friend Lynda gifted me with a pair of handknit socks.

Oh, the phone is ringing,,,,,gotta go. Now what?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Scrumbled bag

Here is a photo of a scrumbled bag that I have just finished. I took the pieces along to Hawaii, but hardly touched it while on vacation. I embellished it with buttons from a thrift shop. The corkscrew fringe adds a quirky element. It was fun to make.

Lined with silk purchased at Gayfeather Fabrics in Madison.

A closeup of the other side, featuring a lot of crocheted bouillons.

How could I have forgotten?

I forgot to show you all something I saw on my vacation.... something important!

We were on our way to see the volcano... traveling "up country". Up country is anything away from the shores and beaches...

When I spotted these wondrous creatures, I insisted Shinji stop!! --------- and back up... so I could take a photo.

Rare animals? No,,,,,,,







There was a nice herding dog with the sheep, but he eluded the camera.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

because people want to know!

Answers to pressing questions:

1. Yes, we made it home safely

2. I had a pre-injury photo of my right knee by dumb luck, I was messing with the camera the night before I fell...........and my knee is just so beautiful.....I was compelled to take a photograph.

3. Pufferfish, 9 different kinds of Spam, a red-headed cardinal and a genuine beach bum.

The question for answer #3 is "What did you see for the first time ever while on vacation?"

Friday, April 4, 2008


Dave bakes, even on vacation

The turtles were putting on a real show in Napili Bay today, very close to the shore.
Dave took the first two photos, but could not capture a turtle with his head up, Shinji got that photo.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

On Holiday

Liam the surfer dude
I am strangely compelled to watch the ocean

we enjoyed umbrella drinks while watching the kids surfing lessons
The sunset from our beach

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Another wonderful day, filled with activity, and relaxation.

I toured the "Baldwin House" on Front street in Lahaina, while Dave did some shopping.

Mary and I at the local hula show
Our condo is in the building that looks kinda yellow in this photo, right on the beach!
The little hula girls

Do not read on if you want only good news.....
We went to a secluded beach for snorkeling,,,,on a wild, primitive path to the shore I fell down and injured my knee and elbow.....not terrible, but embarrassing!


The Banyan tree in Laahina,,, planted in 1873, the single tree spreads over 2/3 acre!
Dave in front of one of the many trunks of this single tree.

It's raining this morning, but still beautiful. Aloha!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Even on vacation, Mary is in the kitchen,,, Shinji bought A LOT of groceries before we got here, take note of the spaghetti noodles on the table....8LBS! That's a lot of food!

Sacrifice me to the volcano

Again, these photos are not in order....

Yesterday, Monday, we drove to the Haleakala volcano. The summit is 10,000 feet above sea level.....
These two photos look more like paintings, this is the cauldera of the volcano,, it looks like a moonscape to me.
Above the clouds
Dave finishes the day with a cocktail

Sunset Monday

Near the summit of the volcano...I was really nervous being up so high

Above the clouds

Silver sword, the only vegatation up this high
Lots more planned for today,,,check back tomorrow.