Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Spin

Weeks fly by so fast. Here it is Sunday again.
We usually spend our Sunday afternoons at my parents farm, but at this time of the year there are lots of birthdays on Dave's side of the family. That means birthday parties on Sunday afternoons. These gatherings are usually rather sedate affairs, often I am the youngest person present. There is sometimes a game of sheepshead,* and always lots of good food. Desserts are featured, at least 4 kinds of cakes, tortes, or sweet treats. A person could easily slip into a diabetic coma.

*the sheepshead game in Daves's family is also quite sedate, cards are laid seriously, with careful strategy. When my family plays sheepshead there is lots of table talk, nudging under the table, and cards are laid willy-nilly, leading to general mayhem!

Today's party was quite rowdy compared to years past. The birthday girl (who is 62) has 9 grandchildren, 7 of whom are UNDER 7 years old! All these kids made this party fun! Someone was always running about, doing or saying something cute. These kids were GOOD, just having fun, not crabby or fighting, almost unnaturally so. No drippy noses or smelly diapers, either! The 2 grandchildren who are over 7 years old are teenagers, and they acted like normal people, too, not a sign of sulking or surliness. I think there must have been something in the water,,,,,,,,,,

Here is a photo of some spinning I have done in the last few days. Kay bought some roving while on vacation in Canada last summer, I spun it for her. I have done little spinning in the last year and had forgotten how satisfying and soothing spinning can be. 182 yards of relaxation.

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Lacelibrarian said...

I guess I know what I will do for at least part of today-Spin some lovely yarn! I have been doing so much sewing and knitting that I haven't touched my wheel in two weeks! Thanks for reminding me...