Friday, March 16, 2007

Emili's new Do

Emili is spending the day with Grandma, first we went to the salon and got a haircut!

A visit to the Tag Center for swimming was next. Aunt Mary took her there.

After lunch she made another diorama with stuff she found in my basement, and some birds that Aunt Mary bought at the Ben Franklin. Quite the fantasy forest scene!

All this activity leads to a nap for both Emili and Nick.


Anonymous said...

Did the moose..Aunt Mary

Lacelibrarian said...

Did you know that C.S.Lewis was a maker of dioramas(sp)as a child and that he felt that these scenes were his first glimpse of the beauty of God?
Oh and does that lovely child have naturally curly hair??

Anonymous said...

my baby is still my baby even though she gets the "craftyness" from her grandma!!! Love the haircut mom...thanks,


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