Monday, March 5, 2007

Little Balls of Yarn, now pink!

So, we had some leftovers from the yarn tasting event, and from the kool aid dying class. Just like food leftovers, I mixed them..... and hoped for the best. Throwing all the leftover yarns balls in a ziploc bag, I added the cherry koolaid, and zapped it several times in the microwave.This how they looked after dying, some yarns just soaked up the dye and some didn't take any.

I didn't unwind the balls before dying them , so the color was most vibrant on the outside, while some of the insides were still white.
Here is how they looked after unwinding and hanging to dry.
I am anxious to see how this knits up, but I have absolutely no idea about what to make from all these short bits. Any suggestions?

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Scrumbling anyone????