Monday, February 25, 2008

More felting fun

Okay, so I have another fiber habit.....I just love the felting machine! I can not draw AT ALL... so the viewer has to use some imagination to enjoy my product...but that is what art is all about, personal interpretation, right?
I started with some roving and stabilizer....

Added some leaves cut from an old sweater, then felted the whole works to another old sweater...then washed away the stabilizer...Dave says it looks like a corn stalk in the wind,,, Now we will see who really reads this blog.... I am giving away this lovely piece of ART. All you have to do is comment,,, and in a week I will draw the winners name from the list of commenters..........The winner can call it a tree or a cornstalk or whatever she or he wants to.... I call it fun!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


All knitters know about "startitis"......The urge to start multiple projects at one time.. I succumbed to it this week. I started lots of new projects. And finished one. The finished object is a "bling"bling" hat for Emili.The yarn is called "Bling Bling" it's painted with aluminum for shine. Emili is all about the bling! She will love it.

I started a vest done with Eco wool and Kuryeon....

And a cardigan in reverse broken rib, knit in a lovely superwash merino.

And a wrap with buttons and embroidery, the knitting must be done first.And today I started a felted collar done with my needle felting machine, first a newspaper pattern.then roving over stabilizerthen yarn and mohair locks

then wash away the stabilizer

Now , we are off to a birthday party, so who knows when any of this will be finished..... stay tuned.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hwy 8 & other diversions

It has been noted that I haven't done any writing for a while... that is not exactly true.... I have done a little writing.. I did some work on my book ......... and I did some blogging....I just never got around to posting anything.
So here is the start of a blog post that I did last Sunday......

I have been absent from blogland for sometime. It seemed that the days that were worth writing about were also to busy to write.... and the days when I have time to write, nothing seems interesting...The weather here in Wisconsin is always a subject, but that, too has been the same day after day after day.... snow and cold. I don't remember such a nasty winter in my adult life.

I might be using all this time cooped up indoors to be creative, and do lots of knitting. Am I? No!

I have been preparing for taxes and other dull, but must be done type chores..

I did purchase a new toy... but did not allow myself to take it out the box until the tax prep was finished.

Here is my new felting machine!

Looks like a sewing machine, you say? Look closer, no thread, four barbed needles. No bobbin.

The barbed needles mesh the fabrics together, not for strength, but for embellishment.

I took a test drive with the machine today. We went north on Hwy 8.

State Hwy 8 runs east/west across the northern part of Wisconsin. My sense of direction is good most of the time ,but when on Hwy 8 I feel like I am traveling NORTH.....

That Is it........ that's all I wrote!

What does Hwy 8 have to do with the felting machine and the bag I made??? Any guesses??? There is a correlation.... even if it involves a lot of imagination......