Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Haven't been doing much, unless you include coughing. My bed seems to be the best place for me.

Dave, on the other hand, is equally sick, and he keeps plugging along, going to work, etc. That's the way he deals with illness, or stress, or most anything, I guess, he just keeps going, and going.

I need to rest and he needs to work, and we both get better eventually. I HOPE!

Thunder and Nick have been my nurses, Nick takes the night shift. When he hears me wheeze, he must think I am whistling for him, because he comes over and wakes me! Some nurse.
Thunder takes the day shift by finding a comfortable position on my chest and promptly falling asleep. Nothing like a 13 pound cat on your chest to make you breathe easy.

Monday, January 29, 2007

January Blues

I have a love/hate relationship with January. The holiday rush is over. My birthday is this month. I can get some projects off the ground. It's usually cold and clear, nice weather for indoor stuff., like knitting. Unfortunately, some of that other "indoor stuff" includes bookkeeping and the dreaded TAXES!This photo shows some of my wonderful organizational skills in use, I use that term very loosely. My morning was consumed by nasty, confusing paperwork! Every year I promise myself (and others) that I will get more organized, I set up systems to help myself, and I just don't use them. Maybe I secretly love chaos.

More "indoor stuff" that January brings ; sniffles, fevers, coughs, body aches, etc. Dave and I spent the day yesterday just resting, trying to fight off another round of the upper respiratory crud.. Here are some of the weapons we are using, but I'm afraid it is a losing battle. I have a fever today. Even Ghen is feeling it. He never gets sick.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Party Time

The old folks know how to "Hokey Pokey"!!
Emili just thinks we are strange! My wonderful friend Betty threw me a birthday bash last night. What fun!
At first I was somewhat nervous, but after a few sips of a delicious Manhattan, I was having a great time. Here, Betty and I are singing the "Tennessee Waltz". That's Howard Schneider on the grand piano.

Betty on piano and Howie on sax.

Here I am with a great gift on my head! A vintage swim cap, circa 1960.

Mary Kay ( wearing her famous cocktail dress), Gordy, Betty and Dawn.

Friday, January 26, 2007

A Blatz from the Past

Another picture from our trip last weekend. Wisconsin. Enough said.

Emili and her Bear

I spent the afternoon with Emili making a teddy bear, Emili did the designing, all the stuffing, some of the cutting, and cleaned up the mess. I did the sewing. Emmi has named her creation Christina. I am not ashamed to admit my infatuation with my granddaughter... and now that she is showing an interest in things like sewing and crafts,,,,,,,,well, I couldn't be more thrilled. My daughters do not share my passion for crafting, and maybe,now,,,all my unused stash will not end up at Goodwill., or worse, out on the corner for the garbage truck.

Amazing Alison is in one of the pictures with Christina, she is a doll that Emmi got for Christmas, but she freaks me out a little! Alison talks and her face moves in a way too realistic manner. The bear is much more to my taste.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Time stands still for no man

Well, maybe except for me! My lovely vintage (old) clock decided to stop last week. Just stop. No amount of plugging and unplugging, shaking, or pleading would make it's hands move.

I was given this clock from our friend Ronnie, he said it hung in his mother's kitchen for many years, and it has been ticking for me for at least fifteen. I LOVE THIS CLOCK! function, form, and a very short cord.
Dave took it down and replaced it with a recently acquired (new) clock. The new one is hard to read, It ticks too loud. It has no history. And, it keeps falling off the wall!!

Today I came home from work, and there is my old friend, keeping time and looking good! I don't know what Dave did, but I am happy!
Today is my birthday,and it is a nice round number. (Rhymes with nifty) Somehow having the familiar timepiece in working order again gives me great satisfaction, and hope for my own ability to keep on ticking. I guess we all need a little break now and then.

Valentine Woolie

While watching Jane Eyre on PBS last night, I did some stitching on a scarf made from reclaimed wool sweaters. Jane Eyre was so good, but it is.............TO BE Sunday and Monday! I am sure to forget to watch...but, that's okay, I do know how it comes out. :)
This scarf was fun, but I would make some chances with the next one. I lined this one with very thin gray wool..... I think in the future I would butt the seams together, making lining unnecessary. More color next time, too.
This valentine woolie is for sale, where else? ( Is there anywhere else?) LOOSE ENDS!

Monday, January 22, 2007

So, I changed my mind, JUST ONE MORE

A view from the hotel window, looking north, towards Westby, this is one of the reasons I love to visit Viroqua.

Just one more post for today,,,,,

This is my "dreambox", made for the annual auction to support the Beaver Dam Arts Association. I titled my work "the promise of spring", it's a crocheted, felted box made from alpaca, then embellished with needle felted fantasy flowers. The lid is attached in the back, and secured in the front with a silk ribbon.

Each box has something inside,,,,the winning bidder will reveal the surprise after the auction! Shhhhhhh,it's a secret.

OOOHH, this is fun!

What fun this is! New camera, new blog, cute cat, what more do I need?

Home away from Home

Dave and I spent the weekend away from home, not too far, but still away. We wandered over to Viroqua, taking our time getting there, and scouting out thrift shops along the way. I found some good stuff, but like everything else, it's the journey, not the destination. I love the hunt. We arrived in Viroqua late in the afternoon, still enough time to check out the local yarn shop, Kindred Threads.

A wonderful shop. This photo does not convey the warmth and creativity of the place. All the yarn is displayed with, on, over, in, antiques. Lots to look at, and lots of inspiration. I was reminded of an old pattern by EZ that I want to revisit. More on that to come.

Driving Home

Wicked weather on Sunday morning,,, this was on 33 near Baraboo.