Saturday, June 20, 2009

Making stuff

So, I haven't written a thing on this blog in almost a month,, what a month it has been...

Running here and there and taking care of business and making stuff.. Making stuff like socks, bags, dinners, my opinion heard, and a cool doll.....I took a class with elinor peace baily as the instructor. Each student could choose one of elinor's many doll patterns to work with.I chose the Bead Merchant pattern. Here is the original doll made by elinor.This thing that looks like a penguin is the "stump" for the doll. That means that under her skirts she does not have legs, just bare feet. I made this first.Then I made the head. The head takes a lot more stuffing than one might think. After this, the photos get fewer, I was having too much fun making all the layers of clothing.This chick really believes in the layered look. She wears an underskirt, then a dress, a bodice drape, an apron, a coat, and a vest.



I didn't take any more photos until we arrived home.Dave named her ZORKA...

This is a rear view.

Her hat is not finished, it needs more beads.She has a bindi.
And bare feet.