Saturday, March 17, 2007

Day of the Irish

A Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all who read this!
This day was always a big deal to me as a little girl. I went to Catholic grade school and Saint Patrick's Day was something to celebrate, both with prayer and reflection, and a party! The nuns taught us Irish songs and dancing, or a least a Americanized version.
The year that I was in second grade, I remember wearing a green dress with white pinafore that my Nana had made for me, my little sister wore a matching outfit. We had a Saint Patrick's Day program in the evening in the church basement. Before going to the program we stopped at my other Grandma's house to show her our outfits and sing our songs for her.
Amber was my father's mother, and it is from her family that we get our Irish heritage. ...........(Every little bit of Irish-ness counts on Saint Patrick's Day).........My Grandma Amber's grandparents included Ellen Eagan and Patrick Lacey. Now those are Irish names!
Elder family members tell me that I resemble my Grandma Amber. I remember that she liked to have a good time, and was fun to be with. And her hair was so pretty,,,,,,,
We sang our songs for her and she admired our costumes, ......Grandma Amber could not come to our program because she had recently become ill. She died just six weeks later, the week of my First Communion. I was just a little kid, I don't remember a lot about her, but I always think of her on Saint Patrick's Day.
So, have a green beer, eat some corned beef and cabbage, and have a good time, we are all Irish today!


Anonymous said...

I celebrated by dancing a slow song with my son at the Linden Inn...
and watching him enjoy dancing the fast ones!!


Lacelibrarian said...

We went over to my mom's for corned beef and boiled whatnot today. Many of the family was there too. Any excuse for a party and food at my family's!