Monday, September 12, 2011


Glimpses of a day to complete nearly-finished projects
  knitted wire bracelet

 pine needle and crochet basket

 crochet cotton tablecloth
wet wool dripping on the clothesline

Saturday, July 30, 2011

So i had this dream this morning....

So i had this dream this morning....

i was at a house, a big house, lots of rooms....and lots of people...Everyone was there for a fiber arts weekend,,,lots of materials in tow, color and texture everywhere. right in my comfort zone......but there was nowhere for me to sleep...all the beds and rooms were taken, i ended up on the floor of some childrens room,,, not sleeping and I was there to teach the next day...and i wasn't getting any sleep.. i did not want to let anyone down by not teaching, but i ended up leaving in the middle of the night, with a whole carload of wool and art stuff, (did i steal that stuff? was it mine in the first place?) and went home..

So what is this all about? random dumping of anxiety? and why was it so vivid and disturbing? maybe it was the spicy supper I had last night,,,,,,you think?

Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1

Last weekend we were int the north woods. Our cabin is in Marinette County, known for waterfalls. And trees, and wood ticks, but that is another story.We read in a guide that there was a rapids that was easily visible from the road, so on the way to town for groceries, we took the time to see the rapids.

Really nice.

 Easy to find.
Nice photo op.

 The guide book mentioned another waterfall we had not visited we decided to find it.
Down a very narrow dirt road.

We followed the sign

 A nice path
 so, a little roadblock....
 Dave said "C'mon"
 Yes, I am still on the path, if you want to call it that.
Struggling to keep my balance, this is no place for and old, fat woman who has both knees replaced, short legs and $100 sandals....

 A bird poops on my shirt! Where is the trail? I am sweating bullets by this time...
I consider turning back, but I can hear the falls now....

 Dave is already there.
I was too shook up from the walk trauma to take any decent photos, but the falls was beautiful.

 That's my foot , by this time I had abandoned the stupid sandals.

About that time, I realized that I had to get back out the way I came in!

Only slightly less traumatic....
I think I will stick to the falls that are easy to get to from now Strong Falls in Goodman Park.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birds and blooms

Blooms first.
I knit this shawl this week.The pattern is Revontuli, Northern Lights.  Not very reminiscent of the aurora in this colorway, but done in purples and pinks and blues...maybe then. 
The yellow brings dandelions to mind.

We have a huge field of them behind our house...I think they are lovely. Spring has been elusive this year, so we have to enjoy each little bit of spring as it appears. Including dandelions.

And the birds.
These are more stuffed birds on my porch.

My bird making compulsion has ended,the aviary is complete, at least for now.

Tonight I am enjoying spinning on the deck, and the dandelions.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Doing it all again

I'd like to blame it all on the know, the Decorah eagles...those eagles that I watch every chance I get...
The eagle viewing lead to the stuffed bird making. If only it were true..then I could point to the source and say "this is why I am compelled to make birds." But it's not true.
  I found a pattern in my sewing room for a little loon Christmas ornament. The pattern is dated 1982...I made multiples for gifts that year.  1982! I was making birds 30 years ago!  What does this say about creative growth?  Or the lack of it...
Anyway, there was one lone loon cut out but not assembled..Here it is. 2011.

21st century loon

a pink ladybird
And I made this little pink bird last week.
And I made an owl today
just the body

legs and eyes, no wings or ear tufts


ready to take off
My bird frenzy continues,,,30 more years?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

thou shalt not covet thy neighbors flannel

Birds. I feel the need to make birds. Do not question why. I know not why.  I am just following creative instincts. There is no plan. Resistance is futile. I am obsessed with making birds. No, that is not accurate..I am obsessed with the  idea of making birds....the actual construction is yet to be seen...I have made a few...but I am constantly thinking about it....perhaps I need an intervention.

a peep

a peep, a wren and a concrete goldfinch

Yesterday Betty was doing some ironing at the shop...she irons for people...earns a little cash and she loves to iron..( maybe Betty needs an intervention)  She was working on getting the wrinkles out of this lovely, heavy cotton flannel men's shirt.....I was eying the shirt with birds in mind...Oh,,,,a 2X, lots of usable fabric, nice dark was all I could do to resist....Luckily, Betty told me NO in a firm voice and I backed away from the ironing board.

back of the owl

owl sitting on a coffee cup

Resisting the urge to cut up the shirt, I went home a dug up some bits of flannel from my stash and made this owl.  Not my best work, but it's a start...He is sitting on a coffee cup because his little wobbly legs won't support the weight of his body...hmmm............. sounds familiar.......

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter in photos

we set the table

 the two youngest guests

egg hunt begins

whose are these?

up high

the creek


water fascinates
Clay naps

lovely day