Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Out of the box,,,,Or In?

Members of my family will tell you that I hate to be photographed. I usually avoided birthday and Christmas photos by holding a gift box over my face, and they do have many of those shots.

Some things are in the genes...............

Here is Emili, with her own box , hers has multiple uses.

Like Grandma, she hides.

She has a secret, her box has something inside,

,,,,,,,,, her own little ecosystem, complete with sand, plastic lizard and palm trees, purple turtle, and animals of unknown species drawn on paper.

I informed Emili that she had made a DIORAMA, and explained what the word meant. True to her six year old self, she said she could only remember diarrhea ,,,,,,,oh well....


Anonymous said...

Cute..I'm looking forward to seeing Emili soon!! Too bad Nanna can't join me..MB

Anonymous said...

I need a PUFFER!