Saturday, November 23, 2013

In search of antlers

Third week in November, most folks think  "Thanksgiving time", not in our house. It is deer season!
I have written about this season before, here, and here.  The first link describes what it means to Dave.
I have always enjoyed the little break from routine that deer season provides, usually about 4 days of being alone in my house, a bit of time to myself. This year is a little different, not being in the shop.. Other years I still went to work, often having a sale this weekend...lots of people around.
This year is different, I made some plans with the grandkids, but mostly I am alone. So here are my lists...things not to do and a small to do list...but I don't intend to do anything that doesn't suit my mood,,,,,so there!

To do:
Sleep late
a bit of Christmas decorating
online Christmas shopping
fritter away time

Not to do:
having the tv on
wearing my hearing aid
getting dressed (!)

What do you think of my list? What would you add?

Lately I have seen a lot of faux antlers in decorating magazines and on pinterest.  Of course, I jumped on the bandwagon, only using real antlers...Having antlers on the wall is not new to our cabin,but is new to my house. I draw the line at full head mounts....they must stay at the cabin..

These are sheds from my Dad's deer farm...the bucks drop their horns in late winter, I think.

Antlers from a deer Dave hit with his truck years and years ago, recently added to our living room d├ęcor.
Maybe I will have some more antlers after this season, or not.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Retirement, or something like it

So many folks ask me, "How do you like retirement?".   I have a stock answer---it is to soon to tell.  Two months is not enough time to make a judgement. I am still in the "OMG, I don't have to go to the shop today" stage.  Years of  having to do something, and now choosing to do something is a real novelty. And doing whatever it is without a deadline. Another novelty. 

German paper stars, so addicting!

Having always been somewhat of a recluse, the lack of socialization has not truly bothered me yet,  and becoming deaf has made personal interaction seem like work at times.  I have found there is so much to do at home, years of neglect, things to catch up on.  I actually enjoyed reorganizing a kitchen drawer. Mopping the floor. Yes, cleaning the basement!  Still not complete, but progressing.

A crazy quilt like Christmas stocking
Speaking of the basement, I have unearthed the workbench where I used to make Santas years ago.. It really was an excavation, piles of junk with an occasional goodie, then more junk...finally a usable workspace.  I have a some new projects in various stages already there, it is so nice to have a dedicated space to work. Not cluttering up the living space in our little house.

This is another project, in the works....more on this in another post

So, I like retirement just fine, so far. Never bored , always busy, but it really is too soon to tell.