Monday, March 5, 2007

Saturday at the escape

Saturday was snowy again, a perfect day to stay in and learn and play!

Upstairs, in the classroom,

Carol and Barb, and all the rest, dyeing yarn with koolaid
rainbow skein
Downstairs, in the gathering room,
Meanwhile, Jayne and Lynda are busy
getting lunch ready, BBQ pork, homemade buns, hoppin' john, cake coffee, coleslaw, etc

Rememeber those little balls of yarn? Here they are, all ready for Saturday night's "YARN TASTING" event. (think wine tasting without the wine.)
Mary Kay with her plate of yarn.


Lacelibrarian said...

Thanks for posting the pictures! It is nice to relive the great time by seeing everyone in the photos! You take very nice pictures-you have a good eye! Or is it good I?

Anonymous said...

What's hoppin john?? I guess you'll have to explaing the yarn tasting to a layman like me...does that mean samples they take home?
Looks like a very nice place to have it...MB