Friday, November 21, 2008

The big D

I have had my fair share of big D's in my life, some good,and some bad.

My freshman year of high school, I got a D in algebra.... Shocking for me! I think that I successfully kept that secret from my parents to this longer a secret, my Mom reads my blog.....well, that D was in 1971, so I don't think she will be too upset...

Another D was getting a ------------------------------------------to quote Tammy Wynette D-I-V-O-R-C-E...that was a major D, much more traumatic that the D in algebra. A good thing in the end, difficult at the time.

If I hadn't gotten divorced, I would not have met another big D, my husband Dave....who took me to-----

The Big D, Dallas, Texas for our 5th wedding see a rodeo, can you believe it? It was great fun, but it's HOT in Dallas in September.

What is all this rambling about? The big D, remember?

Earlier this month I was diagnosed with Diabetes......This big D has taken up a lot of my energy lately. I am learning how to do the Diabetes dance, balancing food and exercise and stress and meds. It's a challenge. There is so much to learn...

I am hoping this D, like many of the others, brings positive changes for me.....but it certainly is not as much fun as the rodeo.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I was starting to wonder

Yesterday being Sunday, I looked ahead to the upcoming week and I realized that it's THE WEEK! The week every year when time stops. It is Deer Hunting Week! And the list or the box has not yet appeared! (More about that later)

Never mind how you or I feel about hunting deer...... This is about the deer hunting EXPERIENCE. The stories, the food, the traditions, the camaraderie. Preparations, anticipation. So much to do in so little time.
That's why I was beginning to wonder if Dave was even going to hunt this year. Most years, at least a week before he leaves, he starts making lists for the big hunt, and putting items in the box. The cardboard box that sits in the same corner of my kitchen every year and collects some of the various items needed for a successful and traditional hunt. Yesterday, there was no sign of the box! And no list! I was a little worried. Dave goes hunting without fail...something terrible has to happen for him to consider staying home.....
Much to my relief the box appeared this morning and is already starting to fill up...... Same box, reinforced with duct tape, same thermos, same Ritz crackers. Well, I think the Ritz may be fresh.
He IS going.....all is well.

Monday, November 3, 2008

November 3, Small things

Lynda likes to knit small things. Hmmmmmmmm,,,typing that sentence I remember a book I read some years back............ A great book. I recommend it. I may have a copy of it in the basement if I can find it..... you can have it.

Back to Lynda, she has been on a creative roll lately.....she knit the cutest little Alan Dart elf,,, it's smallness is one of the things that makes it so endearing.

Check out her blog to see her Gunnister Bag. It is tiny, too. And gorgeous.

Her fondness of knitting small things is not shared by me.... Oh, don't get me wrong, I love a quick knit project, but not so much the details that go with miniature figures and such. And tiny seaming, ugh..... Lynda does it beautifully.

Today I felted the rug shown on the needles in a recent post.
Nick on the rug before washing
This is how it looked immediately out of the washer

After cutting the steek

Close up of the front

I like the back, too

Sunday, November 2, 2008

November 2

Twentysome years ago, when I moved to this house, they were 6 apple trees and a pear tree om our acre+ lot. The apple trees have slowly been culled, until we have just one left. This tree refuses to die. And it bears LOTS of fruit every year. Most years we just let it be. Occasionally, Dave prunes it, or sprays it, but not very often......certainly not more than once every few years.
Because of our neglect the fruit is sometimes misshapen, or wormy, but mostly the apples are just fine. The Delicious variety, not my favorite. I prefer a more tart apple.
Being November 2, Dave decided to pick up the windfalls to feed to the wildlife at the cabin, and bring in some for us humans to eat, too.
We have been eating them for more than a month, but it's time to get them off the tree, I guess.A nice day for apples. And Knitting. Being November 2nd, we turned the clocks back last night, the extra hour of sleep must be working,,,I am feeling a little better today.
Here is a Christmas stocking I just finished in non-traditional colors, I kinda like it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

What ! November?

A whole month went by without blogging? What? It is certainly not because I have nothing to say,,,, maybe i have been too busy or tired, whatever.

A random list that has kept me from blogging

Sewing mittens
Enjoying fall
Busy days at work
Quarterly reports
Being sick
Reading novels
the election and debates
teaching classes
life in general

So there it is, a list of excuses.

A few photos to go with the excuses