Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Busy, busy, busy.

I have Thursday mornings off, sort of. I planned it that way when I set the hours for the shop, so I would have that time to cut the grass each week. In the summer, that is. In the winter I have two hours free time.

Each Wednesday evening, I think to myself........."oooohhh, tomorrow I don't have to open the shop till noon,,,,,,,I can get this and this and this done, I can run an errand, call that person, and cook a decent meal for Dave before I go to work....It's an extra two hours every Thursday morning! What luxury!

Who am I trying to fool? I hardly ever get any extra things done,,,,,,,, not even one or two things on my list.

I linger over my coffee.

I knit a few extra rows.

I talk with Dave.

I take my time with the routine morning chores, instead of rushing though them.

I chat on the phone.

I blog.

Two hours of extra time, just like that, GONE! Then it's time to leave......... and nothing is done!


I enjoyed that coffee.

My knitting has a few extra rows.

Dave and I had a little time together.

The chores are done well.

I have talked and blogged, and I am happy.

Nothing is done, But I usually accomplish a lot!

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Anonymous said...

We got alot done this Thursday morning!! You bought sweaters and I bought cheeseheads...