Sunday, March 25, 2007

Surveying the kingdom

In nice weather, Dave and I like to do something that we call "surveying the kingdom". We take a a slow walk around our domain (yard), and see what is growing, blooming, dying, or just sitting there.
Today was the first survey we have done this year. ..... Wait........Dave just reminded me that this was our first survey TOGETHER, he has been doing it for weeks already.
Signs of life are everywhere, including last years life..........A nut in the flower pot, last years nest in a tangle of bittersweet.Miracle lily's behind the garage.

Curly willow

A woolly bear caterpillar on a rock on the creek bank.
It rained hard during storms last night. The creek is up.
Crocus in bloom

Fungi,,,,,where a tree formerly stood.

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