Monday, April 30, 2007


You are thinking,,,,,,What ? Another post about a dictionary? What is with this woman?.......... Yes, I am a little crazy....but in a good way. I got this newest, old dictionary at the Carriage Haus Shops last week, during a sale event.

Published in 1956, this book is older than me!

The graphics are vintage, as you might expect, yet very beautiful. (Like me?)
I love words, and the way language evolves,,,,,,,,,,,,I will actually read this dictionary. Maybe not from back to front................

Do you listen to "A Way With Words" on NPR? I download the podcast, it's very entertaining, and has been educational, as well.
My friend Lynda plays scrabble often,,,,,,here is fun website for you scrabble players, and all others interested in words.
Another really fun site is here.

a sample
Using both sides of your brain with equal ease in talking or writing.
Something that makes you sneeze.
Springtime, with all it's new flowers, is great, but it's also a powerful aphrosneeziac!


Lynda said...

There is something so appealing about old books...I love to look at them on the shelf as well as read them. I am slowly trying to replace all my paperback books with hardcovers and it is a pleasure to own old books some even with the old dust jackets!

LotzaStitches said...

What a beautiful old dictionary!

When my grandma moved to the nursing home I was privileged to take care and custody of her old dictionary. It's not fancy looking like the one you have. But it does have memories...of me using it when I was younger and my mom and uncles. My grandma won this dictionary through the PTA when her kids were in school. Publish date is 1950. It's about 6" high.

I've also got a "thing" about dictionaries and word etymology books. Good thing I've got so many book shelves!

Another "old" book that was passed down to me was my grandfather's Martin Luther Bible (1917) written of course in German. Ahh...why did I take Spanish when I was in school???