Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oh, the places we'll go!

Do you ever play the game ........" What if we won the lottery?" ? Sometimes Dave and I like to speculate how we might spend a huge windfall of cash,,,,,,,,,, Our dreams differ,,,,,,,, Dave's focus is on travel,,,,,, And I have no focus, I want to try a little of everything.
Come to think of it, that's the way we order in a restaurant, especially a buffet ,,,,,,, Dave always knows exactly what he wants, he chooses from one or two tried and true dishes,,,,and thoroughly enjoys them. I try something different each time,,,,,,,,,,Except for lunch, then I almost always get a French Dip.

One thing we agree on,,,,,,,,,,if we won the lottery , we would build a HOUSE. Maybe several long as this is fantasy,,,,,why not make it a great one? One of the houses would be built here

These photos are from Sunday at my parent's farm, Dave and I took an ATV ride to get to this site. High, high on a hill, the photos look south, north and east, respectively. No more water worries (flooding) for me!
I love my little house now,,,,, I hope to live out my days here........But this is a nice dream.....

On the same ATV ride I took this photo of my parents barn if you look really close, you can see their horse , BO....from another lovely, secluded place on the farm
This is on the far west side of their property, the lottery home site is on the far east side. Equally beautiful........

Then, on the drive home (in the car, not the ATV) we stopped to say Hello to some old friends and relatives

Such a lovely place,,,,this is our future home, or someplace similar. No lottery win required.


Anonymous said...

Was the first pick from the hill back past the dump on Neu's old land? If so, I love that spot too...where is the other spot from/

Yes, come join the group who will rest eternally there...I like that hill too...Of course, we will be really resting in a better place, I hope.


TM said...

MB, the other picture is taken from west and north of YOUR HOUSE, duh! Back by the power line. TM