Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Yesterday I saw an unusual bird in my yard, I am sure it was as a Hooded Warbler. Very distinctive markings made it easy to identify. The spring migration allows us to see birds that are just passing through, a good chance to spot species not seen at all other times of the year.

I am by no means a "bird watcher". I love to see unusual birds, but I really don't go out of my way to find them.

My Dad taught me to appreciate nature wherever we found it,,,,,,doing chores on the farm, taking a ride, whatever. I learned so much from just hanging around him,,,,,it never seemed like a "lesson", just fun facts. Thanks, Pops!

A few years back in the spring, a flock of Scarlet Tanagers gathered at the ledge, near my parents farm. These beautiful birds were all perching on the limestone rocks, there was at least a few hundred birds! I will never forget that sight.

Earlier this year, a Ruby-crowned Kinglet flew into our window and died, The tiny bird was so beautiful, much prettier than this photo that I got off the net. I did take a snapshot of the bird, but Dave said it would be tacky to put a picture of a dead bird on my blog. He's probably right.

Have you seen any unusual birds lately? I'd love to hear about them.


Lynda said...

I had a tree full of cedar waxwings this morning. They are very short term visitors but I usually see them once a year in my ornamental crab tree eating the old fruit. I think they get kind of tipsy from the fermented apples!
So cool to see them since they stay such a short time...

Anonymous said...

Turkeys, turkeys and more turkeys.... they have invaded this year!

Still haven't seen my favorites - the pelicans.