Friday, April 6, 2007

At Random

Sometimes life is just a random string of oddities,,,,,,,,,,,

Definition of RANDOM

1. Having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective: random movements.

This morning, Dave spotted eight turkeys, walking single file in the empty lot across the street. What was weird is that they were walking away from town! We live at the edge of this small town,,,,,,,where were they coming from? Had they found food or shelter IN TOWN? Weird.

Of course, by the time I got outside to snap a photo, the turkeys were too far away for the camera to capture. You'll just have to trust me, they are in the shot. I did run outside in my jammies on a 25 degree morning........... This next picture is an exercise in randomness, I just took a shot of my favorite crochet hook, (I am sooooo glad to have it back) a basket, and the book that I am reading for a discussion group. My friend Lynda is leading the to all, want to join us?

Then, while trying to be completely random.......... I did THIS,,,,,,,,,, I put three dark stripes symmetrically placed in my stash afghan! I did it randomly! Now it looks planned........

So, if something happens randomly , but doesn't look random............and you planned a random look ( is it even possible to plan a random look?),,,,,,,,do you rip it out and do it over MORE RANDOMLY?


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling RANDOM at the moment...up at 4 again...this damn jet lag.
Happy Easter...MB

Susan McFarland said...

Every time I check your blog you have tweeked the looks of it! I Love the way it are so creative!
I do wish MB was still home for the holiday! It must be hard to be so far away, even if it is "home."
Hope your day with the family is a blessed one and that you make memories...