Wednesday, April 11, 2007

No place like home

Well, I finally caved in to the pressure! Here are the results.

For some years, I have gotten my haircuts in a nearby town, about 20 minutes away. I loved the way this hairdresser cut my hair,,,,,,,, and he is a really great guy, too. We had a lovely time together,,,,,the trouble came when I opened my shop. His salon is closed on my days off......finding the time to get trimmed was getting tough. As stated in my profile,,,I am truly a "homebody", I value my time at home and guard it... traveling 20 minutes to the hairdresser in the evenings when I really wanted to be home was getting tiresome.

I shopped around in Mayville a bit,,,,,did not find a stylist I liked much... I went back to the original guy.........

Dave has patronized "Greg's Barber Shop" for as long as I have known him, and has frequently teased me that I should go there for my hair since Greg's is right next door to my shop. Now I usually don't take advice on my hair from Dave,,,,,,,, and his hairstyle is ..........well...........let's just say vintage. Circa 1966 Do I want to look like that? I think not.And, this is truly a BARBER SHOP, not a salon, think Floyds Barbershop in Mayberry. Striped pole, razor straps..........maybe a checkerboard...............I was not going there!!

After many weeks of untrimmed tresses,,,,,,, I finally caved in and paid a visit to Greg's.... The decor and atmosphere may be retro,,,,,,,,,,,, but my hair has never looked better! Definitely not retro. Who knew? Right next door.


Anonymous said...

The "fringe" (Aussie for bangs) looks cool...let's see the rest..!! MB

Fiber Princess said...

That explains the phenomenon. While in your shop, I have had comments on my haircut, such as "where did you get them cut?"
It seemed strange to me, but not any stranger than the misuse of 'seen', as in "I seen them at the store." Maybe I could come over and participate in your family's discussions of proper English. Oh, by the way, the top of your head looks very cute. Can't wait to see the rest of it tonight.