Thursday, May 3, 2007


First,,,,,,,,go back to January 2007 and read this post.. Really, go back and read that post first.

Did you? You won't understand today's post unless you read it the old post first.

Read it!

Now, here is the rest of the story.................
Dave had fixed the cord on the clock back in January, and it has been faithfully ticking since then,,no more problems. Until yesterday, at 5:20 AM, when it stopped again..........on the day of Ronnie's funeral! In case you did not go back and read the old post,,,,,,it was Ronnie's clock, he gave it to me.
Dave checked the cord,,,,,,,,,the clock seems to have stopped permanently this time. What about that?

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Anonymous said...

That is too conincidental reminds me of "My grandfather's clock". But maybe it was the only way Ronnie could get his message to you that he is somewhere else now, and not to forget him? I think so...