Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gray on Gray

Here he is again, my elephant. There is a possibility that a fifty year old woman getting this much fun from a toy might signal senility.........I prefer to think it is just silliness! He makes me laugh, just looking at him,,,,,,,Anyway, yesterday I made a pincushion, but it looks better as a circus prop.
I bought this vintage apron recently at a thrift shop. Crocheted with cotton thread, I thought it would look nice in the window at Loose Ends around Independence Day.

Someone in my household keeps hiding my elephant! I suspect it is one of the cats, but maybe it's Dave. He is often found under a chair or behind the curtains, this morning I found him on the bathroom floor, looking like he had a rough night. (The elephant, not Dave)

Do you think Thunder looks guilty?

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Lynda said...

Hey I have been making tons of pincushions! They are so nice to make from a small amount of pretty cloth and stuffed with some really crappy wool I got from Terri (lots of VM). I will knit your kitties some catnip mice so they leave you elephant alone!