Friday, April 13, 2007

Guilty Pleasures

I am a little concerned about my status concerning the hereafter. What I mean is,,,,,,I am feeling guilty........................Today I did a bad, bad thing.. I really try to do my best and do unto others, and all that,,,,,, but I slipped today.

I blew off a lunch date with two of my dearest friends, (both of whom faithfully read this blog),,,,,,,,,just because Dave was in the mood! Dave is so rarely in the mood,,,and I have been waiting sooooooo long, I needed to strike while the iron was hot!

No, not that mood,,,,,,, get your mind out of the gutter........ ..........he was in the mood to hang curtains.!

Clay moved out last July. Since then the windows in this bedroom were simply bare. Well, not bare,,,,,,,they had the mini blinds. I am not a big fan of blinds,,but this room faces the street, so for privacy sake, we kept them. I found fabric for a swaggy, curtainy, drapey kind of thing at a estate sale some months ago,,,but the hardware needed to be installed,,,,,,, and have been waiting for Dave to do it. I know, I could have done it myself, but my skill with hammers, screwdrivers and such is very limited. If the job can't be done with duct tape, I leave it for Dave.

Anyway, I am enjoying my newly dressed windows, while begging for forgiveness,,,,, Lynda and Terri,,,,,,,,,,, please absolve me of my sin!


Lynda said...

Well, I swear we didn't have any fun without you! But we did stop at the hardware store and they had those very inexpensive plastic kid balls so I bought one for Eddie and you wouldn't have belived how much fun he had with his ball in the back yard! Terri and I laughed so hard we nearly wet 'em!
Wish you could have been there...
ps.wish Dave was in the mood more often-8:))

Anonymous said...

Lynda is right we really did't have as much fun, without you. In fact it was said several times,"I wish Michele were here!"
But home and family must come first. Beside you want to stay on Dave's good side...maybe you should bake cookies today!!!
We make a day of it soon.
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

in the mood... I threw up in my mouth