Thursday, February 1, 2007

New Finished Objects

FO's, for those of you not well versed in knitting Internet abbreviations, are "finished objects".. Sometimes we knitters will let certain items linger unfinished for a long time, for various reasons. I am the Queen of UFO's, (not alien spacecraft), UNfinished objects! These are two FO's. The first is a baby blanket in a flower shape. Non-knitters can be excused from reading further, boring knitting content coming up. The pattern calls for the yarn to be used doubled stranded, I did a swatch as that pattern suggested. The resulting fabric was very dense, and Terri said it would have suffocated any poor baby wrapped in it! So the blanket was knit single stranded. Another deviation from the pattern was the crocheted edging that I added around the center of the flower(as shown in the closeup), it covers a rather sloppy job of picking up stitches around the edge. The yarn is Cascade ECO wool, this yarn is put up in skeins of 400plus yards, I used every inch of the skein of pink. Not much of the yellow, of course. I think I chose this pattern to knit because I needed a bit of color to brighten the winter, and it will look terrific in the shop window in the spring.

The other FO is Elizabeth Zimmerman's heart hat. In my post about our trip to Viroqua, I mentioned seeing one, and wanted to revisit the pattern. I should have been content with my first visit. Not my best effort, but here it is anyway.
The hat I saw was done in gray wool with a red novelty yarn for the heart on the back, a much better choice than I made. Hey, I was under the influence of cold medication! Like all EZ's patterns, much is left up to the knitter, and I made the best of it, but I intend to try again. The heart is done first, in a mitered style. It wasn't very heart shaped when I was through, so again, I added some crochet to round the tops of the heart.


Lacelibrarian said...

Love the blanket! I also love that you used crochet to make pattern adjusments!
I am looking forward to spring too-doesn't the groundhog look for his shadow soon?

Anonymous said...

Wish I had your baby blanket to cover my legs...we had lots of snow on our sacred mt. last night...BR>>>>MB