Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ready, set,,,,,,,,,

The cupboards are no longer bare, there is gas in the snow blower, I have enough knitting supplies, and the men have cleaned up last night's snow. Grocery stores are closing early, the Winterfest dance has been postponed for a week, church services cancelled.

Ghen with the yardstick, in a "drift less" area. 11 inches deep.

We are ready. Let it snow. The anticipation is killing me.

Christmas Eve used to feel like this., Okay, I've been as good as possible, now it's up to Santa.

Every few minutes, I look out the window, expecting either reindeer or snow, but nothing happening yet. Not even a flake. I may be sorry tomorrow, but I am telling Mother Nature-----------SNOW OR GET OFF THE POT !

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Anonymous said...

Like the pic...!!

Ghen just took his messages off his my space...must have figured out by my first comment that I could read them...!! Stupid of me...
Hope you are surviving...
"Get ready for a family wedding" is the big news..!!