Monday, February 5, 2007

And you shall have no pie!

I made these mittens today from shrunken sweaters. A pair consists of two mittens in coordinating colors, but they do not match. Each mitten is lined with polar fleece for warmth. Tomorrow they will be embellished with buttons. I planned to make six pair today, but when I finished the berry colored pair, I found I had made two left mittens, so had to make some righties to go with them. All these (and more) will be for sale at Loose Ends.
Three little kittens,They lost their mittens,And they began to cry,Oh, mother, dear,We sadly fear,Our mittens we have lost.

What! Lost your mittens,You naughty kittens,Then you shall have no pie.Meow, meow,Then you shall have no pie.

The three little kittens,They found their mittens,And they began to cry,Oh, mother, dear,See here, see here,Our mittens we have found.

What, found your mittens,Then you're good kittens,And you shall have some pie.Purr-rr, purr-rr,Then you shall have some pie.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how creative you are!! I wish I could do that...MB

Lacelibrarian said...

Ok You are going to have to teach me how to put captions on pictures!
Where is the info on that?
Try to stay warm today...

LotzaStitches said...

You're mittens are beautiful and oh so soft!