Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lots of new yarn came in today, all from Brown Sheep. NO, not from sheep with brown fleeces. From the Brown Sheep Yarn Company in Nebraska. We have Lamb's Pride ,Lamb's Pride Superwash ,Handpaint Originals, andWildfoote Luxury Sock
Betty is on one of her re-arranging binges at the shop, so she priced and put all the yarn on the shelves. I spent the day preparing for our upcoming Winter Escape, held at The Mayville Inn.
It was another warm day, and lots of the snow is melting. Anyone who has been in Wisconsin for very long knows that spring might be a long time away, I wish the snow would stay and melt all at once, I hate the brown muddiness of this kind of weather.


Anonymous said...

Today I found a pig at a 100 yen store that reminded me of Dave's..!! WILL bring him with me for Dave.
It was a nice day today here....My friend Helen showed me a scarf at her place she was knitting...should have taken a pic!! MB

Lacelibrarian said...

What a gorgeous picture! Oh the colors....
You are starting to get me excited about the getaway! It will be so nice to spend a weekend with you and Terri. Hope her back is feeling better by then.