Saturday, February 17, 2007

Loose Ends Saturday

Whew, it was a busy day at Loose Ends today. Lots of customers came through the door today, Saturdays this winter have been quite slow, so today was a pleasant change.
We had a small class. Lynda was teaching a mitered heart sachet. It looks as if the ladies are in the broom closet, but actually that is the classroom/storage room. It is actually more comfortable than it looks. JoAnn, Lynn and Lynda seemed to have a good time.

Here, Lynda is placing buttons on a finished sweater that she knit for Joe. ( her husband)

One of today's visitors was five week old Kiara, from Eau Claire. She was all decked out in hand knitted clothing! She did not seem terribly impressed with the shop! She slept the whole time.


Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy your next two days off...MB

Lacelibrarian said...

Got the buttons sewn on and Joe is going to wear it to church. I had a great time teaching yesterday. Thanks for the chance to share!