Friday, February 16, 2007

A glimpse into another's life

At the same estate sale today, I bought a dictionary. I love words, and books, so a book about words is one of my favorite things! This dictionary was printed in 1954, and is well worn. I love the semicircular finger indents on the side! They remind me of grade school. I am sure thousands of words being used today are not in this volume, and lots of definitions have changed. Who used this book? The children, for schoolwork, maybe they woman was like me and enjoyed reading a dictionary? A thesis?

The big suitcase had a few "treasures" inside one of the pockets. Two smooth stones and a coin.

The stones look like they may have been found on a beach,,, or at least water made them smooth. The coin is dated 1975, and it looks like it is from Belgium. 1 franc. A business trip, honeymoon? I wonder.................
I have traveled very little in my life, and in 1975, I was still in high school.
Travel is not important in my plans for the future.
But I have this coin and these stones as a memento of someone else's travel, perhaps adventure. I will keep them, add them to my collection of stones and coins, and think about their origin occasionally. Maybe someday I will know, probably not.


Anonymous said...

how about Hawaii next year? My friend from janesville just booked the Napili Shores Resort for her trip in August...MB

Lacelibrarian said...

I love the picture of your hand holding the stones and coin. Very thought provoking. You really are a thinker, you know.

TM said...

Lynda, did you mean thinker or stinker, darn spellchecker! Michele