Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What's this about?

My life is an open book. Maybe I have issues, but at least I am honest about it.

So, I keep having the same dream, for months now. Actually, it's not the same dream, but they all have the same theme. I am leaving a situation, making a life change, like leaving a job, or quitting a club, last night it was graduating from high school.. What is always the same in the dream is that I have a lot of "stuff" where ever I am, and I am leaving and I can't carry it all. Stuff that has value to me, but not a lot to others. Over the time that I was at the place, I accumulated all these things in a locker or some other receptacle. Now, I can't move it all. And I am upset about leaving it. I don't want someone to put my good stuff in the trash. In last night's version, graduation was over, I was carrying armloads of things through the high school gym and the I saw these huge yellow roses that had been just left there........ I tried to take them with me, too.

Am I nuts or what? Someone needs to give a translation......... Maybe I just need to clean my basement? For laughs, here is a photo of my real high school graduation.

Note the the droopy yellow rose in my hand. AND THE ENGAGEMENT RING ON MY FINGER !!! I was nuts!
June 1975


Lacelibrarian said...

You may have been nuts but you sure were cute! Why was the rose so droopy?
Isn't it amazing that we thought we knew so much then and we were SO stupid?

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pic..but can't help you with your dreams...but they must mean something...
Look it up online??

Anonymous said...

About those dreams....They seem to be about tying up "Loose Ends"

Anonymous said...