Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Haven't been doing much, unless you include coughing. My bed seems to be the best place for me.

Dave, on the other hand, is equally sick, and he keeps plugging along, going to work, etc. That's the way he deals with illness, or stress, or most anything, I guess, he just keeps going, and going.

I need to rest and he needs to work, and we both get better eventually. I HOPE!

Thunder and Nick have been my nurses, Nick takes the night shift. When he hears me wheeze, he must think I am whistling for him, because he comes over and wakes me! Some nurse.
Thunder takes the day shift by finding a comfortable position on my chest and promptly falling asleep. Nothing like a 13 pound cat on your chest to make you breathe easy.


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear you are all sick. We hope you're feeling better soon...
LOVE from Japan, your sister MAry Beth

Anonymous said...

I love this comment thing!! I think I finally figured it out..even in Japanese ...MB

Lacelibrarian said...

I sure hope you are getting better!
This really stinks...Terri said you were going to call me to come in and work but Betty was there and could be right over? Well it seems that bed is the best place for you! Drink plenty of fluids and baby yourself, at least you have your two furry nursemaids!