Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Waste of time

Now for something new, I was up early today.

I love to sleep, I need lots of sleep. More sleep than the average person. 8 hours a night. (you would think that I would be better looking, with all the beauty sleep I get)

I sleep until 7:30 most mornings, that way I am out of Ghen's way while he prepares for school. ...........................................I am just making excuses, I just want to stay in bed.

We live in a little 70's ranch house, the bedrooms are just a few feet away from the main living area. Noise in the morning is a bad thing in our house, with Dave working the night shift, so even if I get up, I must be very, very quiet. (Another excuse to stay in bed.) So,no cooking, no laundry, no radio, no unloading the dishwasher, no sewing, the TV can be on, but just one notch above mute.

Knitting is quiet, so is reading. The drawback of both of these pursuits is this--- I won't stop! If I start reading in the morning or knit alot, all of a sudden it is 9AM and I have not even started to get ready for work! I do the bulk of my reading at night. (This is one of the reasons I often sleep late, I will read well into the wee hours.)
Speaking of reading, I am one quarter of the way through TRUCK:A LOVE STORY, by Michael Perry I am enjoying it, mostly because it is SOO Wisconsin. And funny.
From Harper Collins Website:
The author of Population: 485 returns, delivering a truckload of humor, heart, and . . . gardening tips? Think Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, complete with stock cars, sexy vegetables, and a laugh track.

See? I am going on about a book, not staying on task. What was the task , again? Oh, sleep, I guess. Oh, I got up early today,,,,,,,,,,, I forgot what I was going to say about it.

My Mom loves the early morning hours, and gets lots done in a short time in the morning, before my Dad wakes. My Dad is like me, more than a little sluggish in the morning. He farmed for many years, and he had to get out early then, he deserves to putter around now.............What was the task , again? Oh, sleep, I guess. Oh, I got up early today..............

And now my extra hour is gone,What was the task , again? Oh, sleep, I guess


Lacelibrarian said...

I thank God it is easy to be distracted! Imagine how heavy time could hang on you if you didn't get pulled into little sidetracks!
I am glad to see that you are using you time so enjoyably.

Anonymous said...

Hey...Your sister here who takes after MOM. It is 5 am and I am up enjoying the quiet....

Just reading an email from my friend from Janesville who lives in Kyoto...her name is JANE. We now work together and chat about CHEESE. Can I borrow this book too for her to read? I'll collect in March...MB

Lacelibrarian said...

I just read an exerpt of this book and it sounds hilarious! Thanks for pointing me towards It...