Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday in the North

If this format looks a little odd, it is because I am blogging from the north woods. That’s right, Richards of Dunbar provides a WI FI hotspot to it’s customers. Dave has been coming to dine at Richards for about 40 years. Great food.

It is cold here today, don’t let the blue sky fool you……’s only in the forties. This provides lots of “in the cabin” time for me. Working on projects. …….I always bring projects along.
I have done some embellishment on a ready made jacket.

Late last summer, I bought a spinning wheel at a garage sale and brought it to the cabin, so I have a wheel to use while I’m here, instead of hauling a wheel back and forth. Today was the first time I spun on this wheel………a little oil and a few adjustments and she spins great! I have decided to name this wheel Kate……… Dave and Ronnie always hunted near a piece of land called “Squaw Kate’s”, thus the name for this wheel that will stay here. On the bobbin is yarn spun from fiber that must be wool with some cotton in it, that’s what the bumps are, bits of cotton. I have been catching up, listening to podcasts while spinning. Very relaxing.

Except for an unfortunate incident involving a chipmunk in the outhouse, it has been a quiet and calming visit, so far.

Dave has something to report. This morning while having breakfast at a local restaurant, Dave ran into his boss!! 190 miles from where they both work,,,,,in the middle of nowhere. As it happens, the boss was visiting a friend who has just purchase a cabin that is only a half a mile away from ours, on the same country road. Small world.

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