Saturday, May 12, 2007

On Mothers Day

I am not planning on making this a sugary, sweet, sentimental post, but I do have some things to say about Mother's Day. My Mom is not a sugary, sentimental kind of person...........

I have two sisters, no brothers. Growing up, and throughout my adult life, most people have told me that I am most like my dad, and his family. Both my sisters are more like my mother's family, they both have brown eyes, and my younger sister looks a lot like my mom. I have blue eyes. Merc (my mother) has brown. My sisters are strong willed women, so is my mother. They don't take any bull from anyone.........I am sometimes less than strong. I will avoid Mom confronts it with grace and dignity. There are many ways my mother and I are different. You should taste her fried chicken! mmmmmmmmm..........My chicken is not tasty!

As I get older, and learn more about who I am,,, I see more similarities,,,,,and some really good ones, to boot!
Merc and I both have a quick temper........I can flare up fast,,,,,,,,but she is quick to cool off, and I think (hope) that I do, too.

Another example, maybe the most important one, is faith..........Merc taught me faith. She is probably choking on her coffee as she reads this....thinking "my middle daughter is writing this?...... What????" Merc has great faith in God and the power of prayer.....She has been active in her church her whole life and has led by example. Merc is truly a Christian in all senses of the word. I don't know of a time when her faith has wavered, and she has had plenty of tough times and trials in her life.

Now...............When it comes to attending church, I have been,,,,,ahem..............lets say sporadic...... But I have FAITH,,, and I know that Merc is one of the main reasons why I believe.

Another biggie,,,,,,,,,,Merc has faith in her children! I may disappoint her at times, but she has always done whatever she could to support my dreams and goals, even when she disagrees with decisions I have made. She may not like everything we do..........but she guards us fiercely against criticisms from anyone else!........... I like to think I am that way with my children.

I may not look like my Mom, or have her mannerisms, but she has given me strength and LOTS of other good stuff, including fried chicken,,,,,,,,, Thanks, Merc!

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Anonymous said...

You said it perfectly....why do I cry when I read your blogs these days? ....It was perfect...
from the one who looks like MOM..
Happy Mother's day to you!! I owe you the world for being a great mom to Ghen...