Friday, May 4, 2007

Asparagus, Spring and Romance

Mmmm, look what I found in the garden today. Just enough so each of us can have a small portion.

The color of asparagus,,, green and purple, makes me want to knit something in those colors. So fresh and springlike.

I thought the colors of asparagus looked nice next to my favorite rock, but the camera didn't capture it well. ......WHAT? SHE HAS A FAVORITE ROCK? JUST HOW STRANGE IS THIS WOMAN?

Dave gave me this is rock when we were just "Buddies", before were were,,,, um,,,,,,,,,,, er......romantically inclined. ........... Years before we romantically reclined. (WINK).

I found the rock in the woods near his cabin. Dave was kind enough to haul it back to Mayville and place it in my yard. Then, some years later, after the romance became our yard and our rock. He has willingly moved the rock a few times,,,,,,but now it sits at the southwest corner of our house, and I think it will probably remain there. The rock reminds me of the early years of friendship with my husband, and why I liked him , before I loved him. He is solid, steady,,,,,,,and handsome,,,,,,,,,, just like the rock.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I too have an added "appreciation" for Dave after all those Northern Exposure episodes...I wonder how many people think he looks like Holling Vincoeur?