Friday, May 25, 2007

"small pleasantnesses"

Lynda has challenged me and her other readers to list some "small pleasantnesses"...what a great idea! Encourages thankfulness for everyday life.......

my small pleasantnesses
cool summer evenings without mosquitoes
strong coffee with milk
getting the mail
the curl in Emili's hair
casting on the correct number of stitches without counting
hearing the high school marching band practicing while I am hanging laundry outside
rummage sales
Ghen singing in the bathroom
Diet Coke
bare feet
my father's stories
Dave filling my car with gas, without me knowing or asking
seeing a neighbor walk her dachshund past my house daily
Clay's white teeth
Terri and Lynda walking into my shop
I could go on, and on. Make your own list. Actually write them down. It feels good!


Lynda said...

You make me feel good! It is good to think of the little pleasures instead of the crap in life!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Ghen is among your small pleasures!! MB

Anonymous said...

I read your pleasures again...and one of mine would be..."reading Michele's blog"..MB