Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Time stands still for no man

Well, maybe except for me! My lovely vintage (old) clock decided to stop last week. Just stop. No amount of plugging and unplugging, shaking, or pleading would make it's hands move.

I was given this clock from our friend Ronnie, he said it hung in his mother's kitchen for many years, and it has been ticking for me for at least fifteen. I LOVE THIS CLOCK! function, form, and a very short cord.
Dave took it down and replaced it with a recently acquired (new) clock. The new one is hard to read, It ticks too loud. It has no history. And, it keeps falling off the wall!!

Today I came home from work, and there is my old friend, keeping time and looking good! I don't know what Dave did, but I am happy!
Today is my birthday,and it is a nice round number. (Rhymes with nifty) Somehow having the familiar timepiece in working order again gives me great satisfaction, and hope for my own ability to keep on ticking. I guess we all need a little break now and then.


Lacelibrarian said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Hope it is a wonderful day and year for you! You deserve to have all the gifts as you give so much to everyone! I hope you know how much you are loved!

gueralorena said...

ok...so you better not let megan read this part. She is going to be mad because she bought the 'NEW' clock. Which by the way is for the cabin and not your kitchen.... GLAD TO HEAR THE OLD TIMERS (GET IT)... ARE STILL TICKING...OH... (GET IT)...I AM SO FUNNY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM

pandalvr24 said...

I read what Lauren wrote. I can't believe that thing still works