Tuesday, May 22, 2007

An exercise in creativity

A long time ago, I bought this tiny little sewing machine, on a whim. I thought it was cute, and as I recall it was inexpensive. At home I have two full size sewing machines with all the bells and whistles,,,,,,,, So I never took the little one out of the box.
I took the machine and some fabric and buttons along to the cabin this past weekend.
It sews very nicely, a normal locked stitch, not a chain stitch. What fun! I made a bag,,,,not my best effort, but not terrible either. The interfacing I used was too stiff for the cotton of the bag, and it wrinkles, but I had a good time making it.

I have found that one of the things that blocks creativity for me,,,,, is having too many choices. Yes, too many choices of fabric, color, style, can seem overwhelming to me,,,,,,I get frustrated and stalled. I will waffle back and forth about making something just right, or saving that fabric for just the perfect project. And not get anything made.

Sometimes I plan every step of a project, but more often I enjoy serendipity, and "making do" wtih what I have. Granted, I have a lot of stuff to work with at home,,, remember my basement is jammed with treasures best described by the motto.... Some Day I May Need That!

This bag made at the cabin with limited resources and a tiny sewing machine was a good exercise for me. "Jump in and get your feet wet,,,,,,,,,only a few bits and pieces, not very many choices,,,,,,now see what you can do with that!"


Lynda said...

But what a darling bag! I just bought some more fabric today...I can't wait to make something new. I never thought about too many choices-But I usually don't start a project until I have done some planning/thinking about it and then I just let 'er rip!

Anonymous said...

Cool bag...I find I have the same problem with teaching, where most of my creative juices go now. but I wish I had your skill.....

b said...

I totally understand the choices thing. I'm not ever sure what to knit next, because there are so many things I want to do! That bag is cute.