Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I have been tagged by b , her blog is The Caffeinated Knitter,
I met b when she came to my shop with her beautiful baby. I have never been tagged before,,,,,,,,at least I know someone out there is reading my blog.
b tagged me to to list 8 random things about me.
Here goes
8 random things about me

1. I cannot type, I took agriculture classes in high school when the other girls were typing.

2. I met my second husband in a bar,,,,I met my first husband in a barn. My father's barn

3. My favorite old TV shows are Northern Exposure, Star Trek, and St. Elsewhere. My favorite show still being produced is Jeopardy!

4. I have lived in the same house for the last 22 years. with both husbands (not at the same time)

5. Freshly ground black pepper is my favorite topping for vanilla ice cream.

6. My mother gave me a violin for my 49th birthday and I have not learned to play even one note! I really want to learn

7. I hate to clean

8.My favorite movie star is Robert Duvall


Anonymous said...

Didn't know what "tagged" was ...and didn't know 4 of those things about you!!

b said...

Yep, I read your blog all the time! Where in the world did you learn to put pepper on ice cream? And 2 husbands in the same house would be like reverse Big Love!

Lynda said...

I can't type and I took typing class! They suggested it wouldn't be a good career field for me!