Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Monday gone......

Monday is officially my day off. The shop is closed. This is the day I intended to get things done around home....but errands, cooking, stuff gets in the way. Errands finished and meals made is accomplishing something, I suppose, but not what I had planned.
One of the things I had planned was to get more storage in my studio space. This dresser was my Nana's. For many years it has been storing "Santa- making" supplies in the dark depths of my basement. (Before I opened the yarn shop I made Santas to make money. see here)
My mothers sister,Maxine painted this dresser in the late 1940's. She was a creative woman. I just love this piece of furniture.... It's a little grimy, but hey, it's been over sixty years, and a good scrubbing should take care of that.
Guess what I found when I cleaned out the drawers? My Nana's eyeglasses!
The bow is engraved with her name and the date of October, 1966. Are they cool or what?
In 1966 my grandmother would have been around 72 years old.
Thrilled.... that's how I feeel about finding these specs. They will remain on display in my studio..... Nana would like that.
The prescription is almost perfect for me.... but I did promise Dave I would not wear them in public. We'll see..... Nana and me.


Anonymous said...

They are so cool.. I don't really remember nana wearing such glasses with "bling"..but these days I often think of her, too.
I remember just where that dresser was in her bedroom...

I always enjoy your blogs...even though I don't always write a comment...MB

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that dresser and those grand specs!!!!!!!!!!! And, I WOULD wear such marvelous eyewear. No, I am not kidding you! Won't you reconsider?

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to Dave - what does he know about fashion anyway(sorry Dave!) Wear grandma's glasses proudly!!! BTW, you would probably have to shell out $400 if you were to buy similar frames today.


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