Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Refashioning is a buzz word on the craft circuit these days, making something new from something old. Going green, and all that.
Heck, my Nana taught me to "refashion" stuff 45 years ago. Back then we did it not only for enjoyment, but because we were frugal. And thrifty. And poor. Well, maybe not poor. Poor is such an ugly word. Financially challenged.
Why pay for new?
Nana was the queen of recycling. She made great things from object others would call trash. Footstools from tomato juice cans. Wastebaskets from ice cream containers. Children's clothes from adult clothes.
I followed Nana's lead. Lots of my children's clothes were 'refashioned". When my twin girls were toddlers I dressed them alike for special occasions. One Christmas I made the girls red and winter white coats, because I had a red adult coat and a winter white adult coat to cut up. The problem was that one adult coat did not yield enough usable fabric to make two matching coats for the twins. So, I made the coats using mainly the red fabric with white sleeves and collars. Nana was proud.
I am, and always have been, resourceful, and cheap.
Today I made "newsboy" hats from recycled wool sweaters.
I also made a bag from a skirt that a friend bought in Edinburgh, I used almost every bit of the skirt, including the fringe and the buckle.
Somehow only four hats got into the photo, I made six. The orange hat looks suited for hunting in the photo, in reality it is a nice, soft, tangerine color, with PINK accents. No hunter in my family wears pink.

Here is the denim colored hat on my noggin.

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