Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Retrospective

This *&^%% "hand in a cast" thing is getting old.............. the CAPS LOCK key KEEPS GETTING in my way acCIDentally....,,,,,,,.

I am not knitting, crocheting, or doing anything fiber or even craft related. Unproductive is how I feel... so......... I decided to take a look at some of my old projects to help me get my creativity back...
Calling this"a retrospective" makes it sound very artsy, and artsy is what I am missing,,, so for the next few days, I will be featuring a retrospective of some of my stuff.
LA dE DA !!!

A number of years ago, I made some projects using broken bits of pottery and dishes. Primitive, but pretty. The first is a flower pot, using a clay flower pot as a base.

The second piece is familiar to anyone who has used my bathroom,,,,,,,,,,,(a very elite group) it is a trash can,,, uh um.......waste receptacle.

The shards cover a metal base. Much lighter to handle than the flower pot.

While I enjoyed making these, I do not think I would ever do it again, too putzy... and messy and well, just not my cup of tea....

More tomorrow........... I bet you just can't wait, RIGHT???


Anonymous said...

Please add the appox creation dates of this look into your artistic past!


TM said...

Oh...........this project was in the late 90's... maybe around 97, I think.