Sunday, July 29, 2007

The fling

It started innocently. Liam got a new toy for his birthday, a super duper high powered thing, made for flinging other things. What a great gift for a twelve year old boy. A bucket of water balloons proved to be perfect ammunition on a hot day.

The big boys got into the act, too.

And the little girls and dogs had to try it.

The children watched as even the old folks were flinging things........

water balloons and giant, overgrown yellow summer squash.

Dave shows the young ones how it's done

"It's not the thing you fling; it's the fling itself." -Chris Stevens, Northern Exposure


Anonymous said...

Didn't you fling?

Lynda said...

That picture of Liam and Emmie really show them to be closely related! And was that Wiskers in the picture too? Did she get in on the flinging? Looks like a wonderful day had by all!

Anonymous said...

Cool....I loved these pictures. The farm views also look great....makes me happy to be going there soon...