Thursday, July 5, 2007

Elk in the flowers

Being an eternal packrat, I hate to throw things away,,,,,,,,they may have a use in the future!

Last year or the year before,, the wind took part of a huge willow tree in our yard. The entire tree had to be cut down ,,,,,,,, but of course, I had the stump saved. "We can plant flowers in it",,,,,,, was my rationale. Plus, the tree trimmers wanted hundreds MORE dollars to dig out the stump. So now we have a petunias, marigolds, etc, growing in it. This year we have morning glories, with nothing to support them.

Dave had the idea to put an old elk horn on the stump so the vines can wrap themselves around it. Where does one find an elk horn? In the shed, of example of the packrat in action again.

Nature provided a beautiful show in the sky last night, before the man-made fireworks.

The beautiful sunset was followed by a quick shower that made us scramble into the house.

This is an earlier, out of focus, shot of Emili and the sunset....check out the question marks, I did not add them....weird camera stuff....but cool.

We can see the fireworks from our front yard, so we just enjoyed them without the crowds.

Emili and her Mom. (my daughter) They look soooooooo much alike, don't they???

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Anonymous said...

Neat pics...sounds like you had a great day..These days all I do is work...summer is still one month away...I'm jealous...