Friday, July 6, 2007

Back in the Stone Age

While taking a walk on the farm recently, I saw this pretty rock. I spotted in in a lane, or driveway, I guess. The lane has been there for more than thirty years, and I have driven over it many, many times, with cars, tractors, trucks, and even ATV's. Never noticed this rock. I asked my Dad, he never saw it. Finders Keepers!

I asked my son, Clay, to dig it out for me..... He said he would, and then he said "Mom, you're not going through another "rock phase" again, are you?"

He was referring to a time when he was a little boy, and I was constantly hauling pretty rocks home,,,,,,,,,,Hey, we were low on money, and rocks were free! I put rocks in all my flowerbeds, and made new flowerbeds with rocks. I (along with a former boyfriend that shall remain nameless) hauled in many truckloads of smaller stones to stabilize the creek bank on the property. I must have had a lot more upper body strength back then! And energy. Of course, Clay remembers helping me. I suspect these are not fond memories. He was small and not very strong.....What a difference 15, maybe 17, 18 years can make! Clay got a lot stronger and I am now "over the hill".

Clay did dig the rock out, here it is. Like an iceberg, there was a lot more beneath the surface.
All those years, I drove over this beauty and never noticed it.
Quoting Ferris Bueller :"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

And, don't worry Clay, I am not going through another "rock phase." But, if I find another as nice as this one, I will call you. Bring a shovel.

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Lynda said...

That is a nice rock! What are those striations running through it? Very neat-where will it go? Oh to have a great free source of rocks like you...