Monday, July 9, 2007

She can be sweet,

but sassy,

not really,

(I requested the tongue-sticking-poses.) Mondays are always fun! I made Emili a new dress, the photos show it unhemmed....she was patient while I sewed....

I also finished crocheting something fun today,,, but it must remain a secret until a regular reader's birthday passes later this month. So if your birthday is coming up, I have your gift ready.......HMMMMM..who and what could it be???

I felt the urge to do some handwork today while I still can,, I think six weeks in a cast will drive me crazy...... I can blog with one hand, I am almost sure of that!


Lynda said...

You poor kid! I would hate to think of it. When I broke my arm there was internal fixation (not the yarn) so I could knit a couple of days after surgery. Of course the vicodin made for some pretty interesting tension issues! HA!

Anonymous said...

Emili sure looks cute...I am still faithfully reading your blog...but not much time to comment...
Could it be Mom's BdaY???

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your surgery, they can do fantastic things now-a-days! Love your little kitten, maybe you can create some cute stuff for a knitting jenny, besides hats and scarves. You can use your elbow or something instead of your hand.
B's mom