Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday's Chore

"Years ago,the rhythm of the average American housewife's life was fairly standard no matter where you went. Each day had its own task, and so the work got done in a logical, orderly fashion as the week progressed. It went like this:
Monday: Wash Day

Tuesday: Ironing Day

Wednesday: Sewing Day

Thursday: Market Day

Friday: Cleaning Day

Saturday: Baking Day

Sunday: Day of Rest

Today at Loose Ends we had a special promotion.........get your ironing done for free (by Betty), while you shop. After all, it is Tuesday! Betty and I dressed like washerwomen for the event.Complete with aprons and curlers in our hair.
We had a good turnout,,,,,, And lots of fun, Betty loves to iron, she even got to press a chef's coat. Cool knot buttons on the coat!

Summer can be a slow time at a yarn shop......... this was a fun idea, and I hope there will be more.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! You ladies look terrific in your laundry togs! What a hoot! I'm sure everyone had a dandy fine time! Francine

Lynda said...

You and betty really did look a treat! So glad to have spent time with you yesterday. I always value our time together...

Anonymous said...

I love the pic....MB