Friday, June 8, 2007

Flowers from Nanna

When I was little girl on the farm , summer days were spent outside, running barefoot through all kinds of muck. The soles of my feet were like leather by the end of the season. My parents were busy farming, quite literally they "made hay while the sun shone". My Mom did not have much time for flowers.......the vegetable garden and the crops took priority.

I loved the farm, but I also loved to visit my Nanna's house in town. The "town" had about 200 residents........ Nanna planted flowers in her yard. A few veggies, but mostly flowers......... it seemed to me she had flowers everywhere.......a flower bed in every corner. Right outside her back door, she planted green Bells of Ireland and red salvia.........She also had a "rock garden". I thought that was SOOO exotic! Huge pine trees had carpets of bishops weed around their bases. On the north side of her house, she had a curly willow tree. I loved to lay on the grass under that tree and look at the branches, twists and turns. I have a curly willow now in my yard to remind me of Nanna.
A ruby red peony is also in my yard, transplanted from Nanna's garden.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you can name all can teach me again what they all were. I remember her bent over her flowers many a time, and the curved sidewalk going down her back-yard.
How lucky we are to have such memories of her....

Anonymous said...

Love the curly willow tree. May want to plant one if I can find one.